About Us

The Problem

The UK's unusual banking system and why it matters

The UK is very unusual in that we have 5 big plc banks which control the market. Across the EU and N America there are 1000s of localised banks.

64% of the banking market in Germany is regional community ‘stakeholder’ banks. Stakeholder and regional banks do certain things much better than distant traditional banks.


Distributing economic activity across regions not just concentrating wealth in places like London

Real Economy focused

not 'Casino' financialised economy

SME and start-up

lending as a focus

Sustainable and low carbon economy


Supporting financial and economic inclusion

and banking the un-banked

Brining economic resilience

to their economies

More stable

than traditional more speculation-oriented mainstream banks


big plc banks in the UK that control the market


of localised banks in EU & N America


community 'stakeholder' banks in Germany

The Solution

Introducing Avon Mutual's vision:

A customer owned regional cooperative bank for businesses and individuals in the West of England.

The first of a planned network of similar banks across the UK as part of the Mutual Banks Association of which we are a founding member.

Estimated Impacts

Some of the Banks estimated impacts

Lending over £1.2bn

by year 10

Local multiplier economic

impact of £795m - £1.6bn in the first 10 years

115,000 jobs created

or protected through our lending and operations

Serving more than 22,600 SMEs, 4200 charities

and other mission driven businesses

66,800 individual customers

including more than 10,300 considered financially vulnerable

2,200 unbanked people

brought into the financial system (saving £700,000 p.a. on the Poverty Premium)

A minimum of £1.1m saved

in interest for vulnerable customers avoiding high-cost credit

£530m of our assets and £155m of our revenues

in the 'real economy' rather than the financialised economy

By Year 10, £390m assets

will be with projects that create a positive social, economic, or enviromental impact


Timeline for banking license and launch

Preparation – 2018

Pre-application – 2019 -2022

Application – Q1-3 2023

Mobilisation – Q4 2023

Restrictions Lifted – Q2 2024