Pioneering regional banking in the West of England

Avon Mutual will be a full service retail bank for our regions residents and SMEs

About us

Full-service Community Retail Bank

​Avon Mutual is a launching regional full-service community retail bank in the West of England. Through online, phone and branch distribution channels it will offer current accounts, deposits, loans and mortgages to individuals, the self employed, SMEs and the third sector. ​

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Our expertise

Economic benefits to the communities of the West of England

Our aim is to be lending over £1.2bn by year 10, to create and protect hundreds of thousands of local jobs. We aim to serve more than 22,600 SMEs, 4200 charities and  other mission driven businesses and 66,800 individual customers including more than 10,300 considered financially vulnerable and to bring 2,200 unbanked people into the financial system. 

Our Vision

Replicating hundreds of very successful regional banks across N America and Europe, Avon Mutual will be a full service retail bank for our regions residents and SMEs with a focus on closeness to customer and a vision to provide:  

Headlines on progress and next steps

As you can see from what our supporters are saying we are making great progress towards launching:

1. 2m

Raised over £2m so far


Passed through two of three key gates in the PRA/FCA licensing process

3. 90%

Expect to be invited soon to the third and most important 'Challenge' gate - 90% of banks which get to this stage go on to gain a license

4. 400k

Only £400,000 more investment required to reach this key 'challenge' stage

5. £22m

Half of the £22m final capital requirements 'in conversation' with key institutional investor including Universities and Local Authorities

6. Investor

One major prospective institutional investor commissioned a very detailed third party due diligence process which led to them investing a third tranche of investment